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“Our Community. Our Selves. Our Way.”

Houston Area Community Links:

Transgender Foundation of America:
This is the nonprofit that runs things like HTGA*, STAG, and Intersex support groups, The TransAdvocate (their Patreon wink wink), the Unity Banquet, the Houston TDOR, the Houston Transgender Archives, GenderReel, the Unity Committee, and the Houston Pride Parade trans entry. Additionally, it gives out a few thousand in educational scholarships each year, provides small grants to trans-inclusive Houston-area events, activities, and organizations, provides support to local trans groups, and conducts advocacy, education, and outreach to numerous agencies, organizations, schools & universities, boards, companies, and elected officials. Donate here or shop on Amazon via this link to support TFA’s good work!

For those into motorcycles, check out RAMC. For trans youth and families, there’s the HATCH Trans Group and Gender Infinity.

*HTGA, Houston’s oldest active group, meets every Monday night. This is a group for all people of trans experience, their friends, and their families. HTGA meets every Monday at 7:30 at Kindred Church on Waugh Dr in Houston: “We come together to support, share stories, and join our experiences, so as not to feel alone.”

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(Sunday, Feb 26. 2017 11:47 AM)
It’s the return of the TransHouston ShoutBox!
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(Sunday, Feb 26. 2017 01:14 PM)
For admin – This is a test reply
Danielle Healey
(Thursday, Mar 2. 2017 08:22 AM)
11 Rainford Ct., Sugar Land, Texas 77479 Thank you
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(Thursday, Mar 2. 2017 06:24 PM)
For Danielle Healey – What is this address to?
(Sunday, Mar 12. 2017 09:09 PM)
Do you have a list of mtf HRT doctors in the houston are a me s guesstimate of office visit cost my theorist said she would work whatever doctor I use. Thanks for you time.
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(Tuesday, Mar 14. 2017 11:35 PM)
For Don – I don’t know of a list that’s anything like complete. You might check out Dr. Crofoot/White. Also, the HACS, Legacy, and Bee Busy community clinics offer trans care.
Jay Hall
(Tuesday, Mar 21. 2017 02:44 PM)
I am a genetic male seeking an elective urethral reroute and possibly castration (low testosterone and they cause me discomfort daily). Can you recommend a surgeon that would perform this in the Houston area?
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(Tuesday, Mar 21. 2017 03:24 PM)
For Jay Hall – I don’t know of anything like that in Houston. Anything resouces I could point you to will provide services according to the WPATH Standards of Care v 7.
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(Tuesday, Mar 21. 2017 03:25 PM)
For Jay Hall – I always think it’s good to have an experienced therapist in your corner. You might think about calling the Montrose Counseling Center or checking our any SoC-compliant therapist.

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