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Houston Area Community Links:

Transgender Foundation of America:
This is the nonprofit that runs things like HTGA*, STAG, and Intersex support groups, The TransAdvocate (their Patreon wink wink), the Unity Banquet, the Houston TDOR, the Houston Transgender Archives, GenderReel, the Unity Committee, and the Houston Pride Parade trans entry. Additionally, it gives out a few thousand in educational scholarships each year, provides small grants to trans-inclusive Houston-area events, activities, and organizations, provides support to local trans groups, and conducts advocacy, education, and outreach to numerous agencies, organizations, schools & universities, boards, companies, and elected officials. Donate here or shop on Amazon via this link to support TFA’s good work!

For those into motorcycles, check out RAMC. For trans youth and families, there’s the HATCH Trans Group and Gender Infinity.

*HTGA, Houston’s oldest active group, meets every Monday night. This is a group for all people of trans experience, their friends, and their families. HTGA meets every Monday at 7:30 at Kindred Church on Waugh Dr in Houston: “We come together to support, share stories, and join our experiences, so as not to feel alone.”

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Al Dorn
(Monday, May 8. 2017 05:16 AM) The email adress that I had stopped working many years ago and I am wondering what happened to him. He might have moved on to a totally different place. I do not know
(Monday, May 15. 2017 12:08 PM)
It has taken me 30 years to realize the fact that I am transoriented. I am seeking a serious relationship but everything seems to revolve around the sex trade. PLEASE, tell me there are resources for someone like me.
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(Monday, May 15. 2017 12:48 PM)
For Jim – If asked, I generally note that the first year of transition is more difficult than just about anything a person has done in their lifetime and it’s really not a very good time to start a relationship. Focusing on ourselves and doing what we need to do is usually more than we can handle that first year. It's important to have a good therapist in our corner, meet our community, and get our sealegs.
(Wednesday, May 24. 2017 11:52 AM)
For Jim –
(Thursday, Jun 15. 2017 10:13 PM)
For Anonymous – Sonya Adams. She’s great! She didn’t happen to take my insurance so I had to pay out of pocket – $100 per hour
(Thursday, Jun 15. 2017 10:14 PM)
For Beth – this was for Anonymous up above looking for a therapist.
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(Friday, Jun 16. 2017 02:34 PM)
Ah, so my HRT is running low and I need go see for a refill. I used to see Dr. Hammill at HACs, but the last time I was there he said he was leaving and gave me a number to call, but I lost it. Does anyone still go to him?
Charles pastore
(Wednesday, Jun 28. 2017 10:39 AM)
For admin – For admin –
Sara Morgan
(Friday, Jun 30. 2017 10:41 AM)
Can you assist me in finding a professional to help me with makeup so I can look as good as a girl as I can.
Sara Morgan
(Friday, Jun 30. 2017 10:43 AM)
For admin – can you assist me in finding a place or person who can teach me makeup or give me a makeover in Houston Sara
Emma Campbell
(Friday, Jun 30. 2017 09:05 PM)
Is this a newer site? Going to be moving to the Houston area and would love to be a part of a supporting community. As it stands though it looks like the forum is inactive, and I can’t register 🙁
(Monday, Aug 14. 2017 05:36 PM)
Anyone know of any good gender therapists in the north Houston area? (Conroe/The Woodlands, preferably)
Jimmy Brown
(Sunday, Aug 20. 2017 11:31 AM)
Please help us spread the word about the Nest. It is a support group specifically for the families of glbt people. Similar to PFLAG but supported by the Lutheran Church. More info:
Facebook: @TheNestatCelebrationChurch
Jimmy Brown
(Sunday, Aug 20. 2017 11:33 AM)
Please help us spread the word about The Nest. It is a support group specifically for the families of glbt people. Similar to Pflag but supported by the Lutheran Church.
Our next meeting is August 22nd tuesday at 6:30pm.
Jimmy Brown
(Sunday, Aug 20. 2017 11:36 AM)
For more information about the Nest visit
Facebook: @TheNestatCelebrationChurch
On the Web:
(Thursday, Sep 14. 2017 09:24 PM)
Moving to the Willowbrook area to take a teaching job at a local jr. college and need a physician for HRT
(Monday, Oct 16. 2017 06:00 PM)
Sorry, do you meet Mondays @700 or 730?
(Monday, Oct 16. 2017 06:01 PM)
Do you still meet on Mondays at 700?
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(Monday, Oct 16. 2017 07:06 PM)
(Thursday, Feb 1. 2018 11:09 PM)
For admin –

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