STAG (Some Transgenders are Guys) is a group for transgender people who identify as male or masculine. We discuss topics relevant to our transitions, such as relationships, employment, surgery, and hormones.

Significant Others is a group for cisgendered (non-trans) partners of transgender people.

Note: these are two separate meetings. One meets indoors, one is outdoors, weather permitting.

How do I get in touch with S.T.A.G. members?

The best way to get connected with members is to join the yahoo group Houston_STAG. As of January 2012, it is a very active listserv. We are also on FaceBook and manage our meeting announcements via MeetUp.

What is S.T.A.G.?

S.T.A.G. stands for “Some Transgenders Are Guys” and was created in October 2000. It is the only support group in Houston, Texas created specifically for female-to-male trans people and those who love them. The members of S.T.A.G. are a diverse group in age, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, spiritual/religious ideas, and all ways people can be diverse. Anyone who is an trans masculine or loves a trans masculine person is welcome. No one who is trans will be turned away. If anyone contacts S.T.A.G. who might fit into another group better, S.T.A.G. will assist in finding the right group.


To provide resources, fellowship, and support to Transmasculine-identified persons on the FTM (Female-to-Male) Spectrum, including persons who are questioning, gender nonconformists, drag kings, crossdressers, intersex persons, transsexual males, trans-identified butches, significant others, friends, families, and allies in Houston and the surrounding areas in a safe and supportive environment.

After the meetings, we sometimes like to go out to grab dinner and hang out. You are welcome to bring your friends or significant other(s) to the meetings unless the meeting is a GUYS only meeting.

Ground Rules for S.T.A.G. Meetings

  • We are here to lift one another up and not tear anyone down.
  • We support authentic expression of who we are without question.
  • Anything said in this meeting will remain confidential.
  • This is not the place to debate religion or politics.
  • Pose questions to others respectfully.
  • Do not talk about anyone who is not here.
  • Wait your turn to speak.
  • This is not a dating or hook-up group.
  • No sexual harassment will be permitted.
  • Donations are accepted at every meeting, but are not mandatory.

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  1. I have several good binders and compression shirts I’d like to donate for someone in need. Does this group accept them or recommend somewhere that does? Thank you.

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