History of a Happy Hermaphrodite


Houston Fringe Festival


“History of a happy hermaphrodite: part 1”

performance by 



Melelani Petersen

 as Jack the cat

with assistance by 

Kris Smith

Berengaria Navarre

, and 

Kealoha Petersen

(show paired with Julie Moore’s “Trigger Happy”)

9/25 at 9pm & 9/27 at 6pm @ 

Super Happy Fun Land

Tickets are $10, available at the door and online: 


About the show:

Framed around a humorous therapy session with a pet cat; an unapologetic story of trauma, survival, sex, and defiance is formed through a series of short performance vignettes utilizing movement, music, and video.

About the artist:
Koomah is an intersex-bodied trans identified queer interdisciplinary grassroots artist, performer, filmmaker, and part-time hermaphrodite unicorn. Active in the arts since 2003, Koomah abstains from formal schooling in the arts in exchange for immediate experience. Koomah challenges audiences to ask questions, see from new perspectives, be vulnerable, and ponder social norms. Koomah is a performance artist with Continuum, a performer with the Houston Gendermyn, a frequent performer at QUEERLESQUE!, and a solo visual and performance artist. Koomah has performed, showcased artwork, and screened films nationwide.

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