New Meeting Locations & Updates

New Meeting Locations

  • STAG and Significant Others will now meet at 8119 Concho St., Houston, TX 77036.
  • HTGA is meeting at Grace Lutheran Church, 2515 Waugh Dr., Houston, TX 77006. Use the side-entrance (the one on Waugh) to get in. The meeting is in the parlor area. The church is on the corner of Waugh and Missouri; the church parking lot is next to the church on Missouri St.
  • DBSA – the trans depression group – will (beginning 2/12/14) be meeting at Grace in the Heights, 1245 Heights Blvd, 77008.

Meeting times are the same.

Groups that are on Hiatus:

The Friday Socials will not begin again until March or April. RAMC, the motorcycle group, won’t be going any serious rides until the cold weather breaks. The trans history group has suspended monthly meetings and will now coordinate online.


  • Free HIV testing: If you need a test, TFA still offers it.
  • Free one-on-one therapy with a therapist: If you cannot afford therapy or need therapy on a sliding scale, it’s still available.
  • Case management: If you are homeless, jobless or need some other types of assistance, help is still available.

Email Cristan at


  1. Hi all,
    I’m rather new to Houston, (I actually live in The Woodlands), and a doctor I recently saw recommended that I check out this site and use it to learn about resources in the area. Can you please explain how the HTGA meetings are organized, what time it starts, and the frequency?
    Thanks so much!

  2. Where are the monday meetings at now?
    Also, thank you for all you do for us! Sincerely.

  3. Intersex group meeting locations will vary monthly and locations will be posted on The Houston Intersex Society website and Facebook Page. (^-^)

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