Reworking TransHouston

Several weeks ago I put out the word that I would be replacing the old transhouston with a blog-based site. As you can see, the old TH is no more.

You can connect with a lot of folks who had used TH on FaceBook here.

In the coming weeks, I will be retooling this site to do three basic things;

  • Feature posts by Houston trans advocates
  • Offer links to Houston-area resources
  • A calendar of events

Fun Fact

Remember the TH community banner?


This was based on folks who opened the Trans Center when it was on Morgan and Pacific back in 2006ish.


  1. Hi Cristan, I would like to get involved with the activist community here. Could you or someone else contsct me, please?


    Can you tell me where to go to find a date,
    not an escort?

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